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Darknut's Greater Dwemer Ruins Volume 1 The Sixth House Ruins

Of all my mods this is the one I'm most proud of! It took months & months to make & has so much content no one will ever see it all.!

This mod affects Dwemer ruins “Odrosal”,” Vemynal” & “Dagoth Ur” in Main Quest timeline, and it is my attempt to make the quest to find Kagrenac’s Tools and destroy Dagoth Ur a much more involved task.

You can expect to find much larger ruins to explore as well as traps, puzzles, and a completely new final battle with Dagoth Ur featuring a new end sequence. Never a dull moment. Oh, and did I mention traps. :)

Additionally, I made well over a 100 brand new custom meshes for this including a new corridor tile set

Darknut's Unique Ash Vampires
This mod makes all the Ash Vampire have a unique look.
There is no change to stats or scripts........ this is included in DNGDR
Photobucket Photobucket

*** Warning ***

Using the console & cheating to get past stuff WILL BREAK THIS MOD!

There are nearly 200 scripts in this mod & a lot of them are dependent on each other. so if you cheat most of the cool stuff won't work & the mod will suck!

This Mod is designed to be installed & played "BEFORE" you go to Odrosal, Vemynal or Dagoth Ur for the first time, so if you've already finished the main quest you will need to start a new game.

These three ruins are now much Bigger & Meaner I suggest that you

SAVE A LOT ...... you have been warned!

If you don't already know I like to put traps & puzzles in my mods & you can expect to find plenty in this one. virtually every trap has a way out if you look hard enough ... well maybe not all of them :-)

I tried to balance out the baddies vs the exploring. ( I like both )

You need to be at least level 25 before taking on these ruins.

I have successfully beat all three ruins including the final battle with DU with a level 25 battlemage (without cheating of course) I died quite a few times but it is possible. It was very very hard though & having the right strategy & equipment was paramount.

The best advice I can give is "Pay attention to everything"

If you do...   If you don't
It all good
©2008 Graphics By Mike, Inc